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Samson Auro D412 400W Active PA Speaker

Aktif Hoparlör

Marka : Marka Sahibi : Amerika
Mydukkan Fiyatı: 528,00 $ (1.321,06 TL)
Havale Fiyatı : 1.281,42 TL
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Standart 528,00 $
1.321,06 TL
528,00 $
1.321,06 TL
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Samson Auro D412 400W Active PA Speaker - Aktif Hoparlör

The Samson Auro D412 400 Watt Active 12" PA Speaker was designed to provide clear, full-range live sound reinforcement in a variety of applications. Whether you're a karaoke diva, singer/songwriter, DJ, or full band gigging in a medium-sized performance space, Auro D412 guarantees you an immensely powerful, sonically pure and highly mobile sound at an affordable price.

To ensure that performance remains excellent right across the volume and frequency range, a 1.34 inch compression driver is provided for the treble and an extended frequency 12" bass driver handles the low end. Exclusive Optimax processing ensures the Auro D412 will operate safely at high volume levels without sacrificing low end.

Also present on the Auro D412 are convenient 1/4-inch line and XLR mic inputs, along with volume control and two-band equalizer. The speaker also features a 1-3/8-inch pole mount receptacle and dual-angle floor monitor positioning options for flexible setup making this an incredibly versatile affordable PA solution.

The Samson Auro D412 400 Watt Active 12" PA Speaker Main Features:

  • Compact, lightweight 2-way active speaker system
  • D412: 12-inch extended range low frequency driver
  • 1.34-inch (34mm) compression driver with 1-inch exit
  • 400 watts of output power
  • XLR mic input
  • 1/4-inch line input
  • Volume control
  • 2-band equalizer (Bass and Treble Controls)
  • Line output allows daisy chaining of additional speakers
  • Built-in Optimax compressor/limiter with two-stage speaker protection
  • 1-3/8-inch pole mount receptacle
  • Two oversized ergonomic carry handles
  • Dual-angle floor monitor positioning options
  • Solid polypropylene cabinet construction

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