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Tuşlu Çalgılar :: Akordeon :: Hohner Bravo III 80

Hohner Bravo III 80


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Mydukkan Fiyatı: 1.379,00 € (4.532,77 TL)
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BK - Siyah Siyah - A 4042 S 1.379,00 €
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1.379,00 €
4.532,77 TL
4.396,79 TL temin edilemiyor
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Hohner Bravo III 80 - Akordeon

The Hohner Bravo Accordion series, Hohner has set a new standard for both the beginner and student markets. These rugged and musically versatile instruments offer performance features which until now were exclusive to more expensive instruments. A good example is the use of the T-keyboard, enabling both outstanding playability and ease of service. Partnering with accordion teachers and students alike, led the Bravo development team to build the instruments light as possible.

For nearly a century, the world's top musicians have revered the distinctive sound of Hohner Piano Accordions . The Hohner sound, for which the company's accordions are famous, originates from the responsive, precisely tuned Hohner reed and the resonant construction of the woodwork. Shortly after the company started manufacturing accordions, this unique sound catapulted the Hohner accordion to the top of the international market, where it continues to be the world's leading brand.

Hohner Bravo 80 Accordion Specifications:

  • Treble: 37 keys, three sets of reeds,
  • seven registers with two repeats
  • Tuning: Continental Tremolo
  • Bass: 80 buttons, three registers
  • Colors: Black or Red Pearl (Click on the arrow next to the price for your color)
  • Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Size: 7.25" deep by 17.25" high
  • Keyboard: 17.5"
  • Gig Bag and straps included with purchase.

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