Aquarian American Vintage VCCSN14AQ 14 Inch Trampet Alt Derisi


278,13 TL (15 $)

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Aquarian American Vintage VCCSN14AQ Trampet Alt Derisi

The American Vintage™ Classic Clear, 3mil bottom snare drum resonant bottom head has a slightly larger hoop diameter to allow for an easier "vintage-fit" on shells that may be a bit larger or that hasn't aged well or maybe a bit out of round. Aquarian's classic "Sound Curve" collar design allows the bearing edge to find its spot in the curve and helps make snare drum tuning quick and easy. Safe-T-Lok hoop design helps improve the sound and performance of any vintage snare drum rebuild. 3mil responsive Nu-Brite drumhead film Oversized for hard to fit Vintage Snare Drums Safe-T-Loc hoop prevents puckering and pulling.

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