EMG SA Pickups Ivory - Aktif Gitar Manyetiği

Marka: Marka Sahibi : Amerika Üretim: Üretim Yeri : Amerika

709,24 TL (119  $)

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White - Beyaz

709,24 TL (119,00  $)
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709,24 TL (119,00  $)
Temin Edilemiyor

EMG SA Pickups - Aktif Gitar Manyetiği

The SA is an active single coil loaded with an Alnico V bar magnet that provides a vintage Strat™ single coil sound: bright, airy, with a rich bottom end. With internal shielding and a low impedance preamp, you get virtually noiseless operation at a higher output level so that all the tone makes it to your amp. Additionally, the Alnico V bar magnet allows for the output to remain balanced during string bends, and makes for a playability and reliability that is unrivaled. The creamy mid-range warmth and sublime blues tones are clear, strong and expressive, and allow you to reach from classic and clean, to rowdy and raunchy. Experience why players the world over, rely on EMG in the studio and on the stage.

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