EMG SV Pickups White - Beyaz - Aktif Gitar Manyetiği

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691,99 TL (119  $)

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BK - Siyah

691,98 TL (119,00  $)

White - Beyaz

691,98 TL (119,00  $)

Ivory - Fildişi

691,98 TL (119,00  $)

EMG SV Pickups - Aktif Gitar Manyetiği

The SV is a single coil that has the tone, clarity, responsiveness and a look that vintage enthusiasts will appreciate, all topped off by EMG's reliability and quality of workmanship. Utilizing staggered Alnico V pole pieces which provide for a more balanced sound on older instruments with more radius in the neck, the tone of the SV is modeled after the 1959 Strat™, with that familiar peaky response at around 3000 Hz giving it a percussive "quack". Because it's truly a marriage of vintage design and state of the art electronics with its newly designed preamp, it has a much smoother tonal response when played clean or in overdrive, and with more output. If you're looking for a pickup that departs from the usual, the SV is a perfect choice.

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