Line 6 Bass POD XT Bas Gitar Prosesör

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Line 6 Bass POD XT Bass Amp Modeler - Bas Gitar Prosesör


  • 28 Modern and Classic Amp Models
  • 22 Cab & 4 Mic models
  • Over 50 Stompbox, Synth and Studio Effects w/Flexible Routing
  • Full time dedicated 6 band semi-parametric EQ & Compressor storable per-patch
  • 64 Channel Memories
  • Deep Editing
  • USB Digital I/O
  • Discrete Processed and DI Outputs
  • Option for Biamp outputs with selectable crossover
  • Ability to mix in direct signal with modeled signal
  • Selectable FX Crossover frequency
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Headphone Out
  • Full MIDI Support

Amplifier Models: Now with more junk in the trunk!
As you may have guessed, they’re tone fanatics at Line 6. Once they’ve set their sights on modeling a particular kind of amp, they will scour the globe in search of just the right specimen—that one, very particular amplifier that has the magic. They are also intensely mindful of the fact that, although amp model names may stay the same over the years, the circuit designs sometimes change radically.

As we all know, even two amps with the same circuit design, from the same era, can sound radically different, just on the basis of variance in component tolerances, among other things. Plus, there’s the fact that every amp has its own special way of settling in over the years. And, just like people, some of them only get better with age. That’s exactly why Line 6 went to so much trouble to find the very best examples we could of every amp that they wanted to model for Bass PODXT.

    Amps Based On*:
  • Acoustic 360
  • Aguilar DB750
  • Alembic F-2B
  • Ampeg SVT
  • Ampeg B-15
  • Eden Traveller WT-300
  • Fender Bassman Combo
  • Fender Bassman Head
  • Fender Dual Showman
  • GK 800 RB
  • Hiwatt DR-103
  • Hiwatt 200DR
  • Marshall Major
  • Marshall Super Bass
  • Mesa Boogie Bass 400+
  • Polytone Minibrute
  • Sunn Coliseum
  • SWR SM-500
  • Versatone Pan-O-Flex
  • Vox AC100
  • Line 6 Sub Dub
  • ...and more!

Cabs and Mics
Bass PODXT features 22 models of the most historic speaker cabinets ever built. From modern to vintage, you'll have the ultimate collection. And it doesn’t stop there. Bass PODXT has Line 6's newest-generation A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling which allows you to choose from 4 different classic mic models.

    Cabs Based On*:
  • 1x12 Euphonics CXL-112L
  • 1x12 Versatone Pan-O-Flex
  • 1x15 Ampeg B-15
  • 1x15 SWR Big Ben
  • 1x15 Polytone Minibrute
  • 1x18 Acoustic 360
  • 1x18 Mesa Boogie
  • 1x18+12 Sunn Coliseum
  • 2x10 Ashdown ABM 210T
  • 2x15 Fender Dual Showman D130F
  • 2x15 Mesa Boogie
  • 2x15 Vox
  • 4x10 Bassman Combo w/ new spkrs
  • 4x10 Fender Bassman Combo
  • 4x10 Eden David
  • 4x10 Hartke 410
  • 4x10+Horn SWR Goliath
  • 4x12 Hiwatt Bass Cab
  • 4x12 Marshall Basketweave
  • 4x12 Marshall Basketweave 2
  • 4x15 Marshall Major
  • 8x10 Ampeg SVT
    Mics Based On*:
  • Neumann U47 (2 different mic placements)
  • AKG D112
  • EV RE20

Effects Bass PODXT’s got a bunch of great Stomp, Mod and Delay/Verb effects adapted from Line 6’s DM4 Distortion Modeler, MM4 Modulation Modeler, and DL4 Delay Modeler pedals, some brand spankin’ new bass specific models, plus a dedicated compressor and 6 band semi-parametric EQ. Who says you can get too much of a good thing?

    Effects Based On*:
  • Mu-Tron III
  • Arbiter Fuzz Face
  • Big Muff Pi
  • Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer
  • ProCo Rat
  • Tycobrahe Octavia
  • MXR Dynacomp
  • Boss CS-1
  • Boss CE-1
  • A/DA Flanger
  • MXR Phase 90
  • Uni-Vibe
  • Fender amp tremolo
  • Vox amp tremolo
  • Fender Vibratone
  • Boss DM-2
  • EH Deluxe Memory Man
  • Maestro EP-1
  • Roland RE-101 Space Echo
  • ...and more!
  • Full time 6 Band semi-parametric EQ
  • Full time Compressor based on* a Urei LA-2A
  • Many Line 6 original models including Synths, Filter Effects & Reverb

Chromatic Tuner
Bass PODXT 's built-in Chromatic Tuner offers precision tuning at the touch of a button. Audio Mute or Bypass options with an adjustable tuning reference are featured as well as hands-free operation when used with the FBV series foot controllers.

  • Precision Chromatic Tuning
  • Audio Mute
  • Bypass
  • Hands-free Operation (with optional FBV and FBV Shortboard foot controllers)

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