Medeli CDP5000 Beyaz Dijital Piyano


7.606,58 TL (972  $)

7.378,38 TL nakit fiyatı

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7.606,58 TL (972,00  $)


7.606,58 TL (972,00  $)

CDP5000 offers both style and playability in an affordable package. A white and satin black cabinets are available to match different style for different homes.  The hammer action keybed resembles to those on the acoustic piano, allowing young players to have proper finger practices and a smooth transition from digital piano to acoustic piano.  Inspired by the rich and dynamic sound on board, young players could also

  • Keyboard: 88 hammer action
  • Polyphony: 64 (max)
  • Voices: 26 voices
  • Split: YES
  • Music Library: 60 preset songs; L/R hand learning
  • Demo Song: 1
  • Dimensions: LWH 1365 x 330 x 790 mm
  • Weight: 37 kgs

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