Pirastro Evah Pirazzi cello

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi cello Tek Tel - D (Re) - Çello teli


255,13 TL (39,1  €)

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Tek Tel - A (La)

258,06 TL (39,55  €)

Tek Tel - D (Re)

255,13 TL (39,10  €)

Tek Tel - G (Sol)

534,39 TL (81,90  €)

Tek Tel - C (Do)

704,75 TL (108,01  €)

Takım tel

1.632,03 TL (250,12  €)
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İlgili Opsiyon
: Tek Tel - D (Re)
: 4/4 Çello
Tek Tel
: Re-D
: Medium Tension
Ürün İçeriği
: Tek Tel


  • The A- and D-strings have a core made from a single filament of high-tensile steel and are wound with chrome steel. The G- and C-strings have a rope core wound with tungsten.
  • The A- and D-strings provide an enormous brilliance and a warm fundamental tone. The G- and C-strings have a very pronounced core sound with great projection; a long decay and extensive lower tone spectrum.
  • A powerful set for the soloist with a direct, open tone and enormous expressive possibilities.
  • As a result of the smaller diameter, these strings make it easy to change positions and to achieve a distinctive response.
  • immediately playable and exceptional tuning stability
  • suitable also for electric or electrically-amplified cellos

Special Feature: Recommendation

The following string combinations are used by various professional cellists:

  1. Passione A medium, Passione D strong,
    Evah Pirazzi G strong, Evah Pirazzi Soloist C - round and powerful sound
  2. Passione A medium, Evah Pirazzi Soloist D, Evah Pirazzi G strong, Evah Pirazzi Soloist C - bright and powerful sound

Please note that changing the gauge of one string in a set affects the sound of the remaining three other strings.

A Steel/Chrome Steel Mittel 4/4 18.1 332180
D Steel/Chrome Steel Mittel 4/4 14.3 332280
G Rope Core/Tungsten Mittel 4/4 13.0 332380
C Rope Core/Tungsten Mittel 4/4 13.2 332480
SET Mittel 4/4


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