Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 - Broadcasting için Ses Kartı


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The Tascam MiNiSTUDIO audio interfaces have been developed to enable anyone to broadcast their programs to the world. If you have been involved in personal broadcasting, there is one thing that you have probably thought about in particular. You have probably wondered how you can gain more audience members.

The MiNiSTUDIO series of audio interfaces enable “audio performance” techniques that can make programs more interesting in order to grow your audience. Professional broadcasters call pre-recorded clapping, cheering and other sounds with a press of a button. With the PON function on MiNiSTUDIO Personal or MiNiSTUDIO Creator you can also add such sounds simply by pressing buttons. In addition, voice effects and reverb allow you to alter the voices of moderators and guests. This way, you can raise the level of excitement of a program.

Audio quality is another important aspect of audio performance. Providing your audience with sound that is easy to follow is also a way to make them feel more welcome. The MiNiSTUDIO series has high-quality audio circuits inherited from music creation devices, so you can capture clear sound just by connecting a mic.

Since this is equipment that you will operate while broadcasting, ease-of-use is very important. We designed a new user interface focused on ease-of-use during personal broadcasting – with as few controls as possible so that they can be used intuitively even by people who are not knowledgeable about audio equipment. In addition, the dedicated software has an EASY page that anyone can use and an EXPERT page for advanced users.

With just the MiNiSTUDIO Personal, which is the entry-level model, you can easily enjoy high-quality personal broadcasting. Since this model has a built-in condenser mic, no external mic needs to be purchased. If you have wanted to try personal broadcasting, you will be able to do so quickly with this.

The MiNiSTUDIO Creator, which is the more advanced model, also supports audio and video production. Changing the mode automatically changes signal routing. The loopback function, which allows you to stream music from your computer, is always on in BROADCAST mode, but it is turned off in CREATOR mode.

Sound is one key to increasing your audience. Sound should suit the development of the program and voices should be easy to understand. This can be achieved with a single MiNiSTUDIO unit.

Use a MiNiSTUDIO to make your own unique programs.

From your room to the world, broadcast your own programs live over the Internet!  Personal broadcasting services have grown in popularity, and anyone can now distribute their own programs to the world. If you have a computer, just connect a MiNiSTUDIO Personal and you are ready to go. Use the high-quality built-in mic and broadcast programs about your unique interests, including actual gameplay or animations that you have created.

Add audio effects to raise the level of your programs. Increase your fans!  Even with personal broadcasting, audiences become bored with just streamed video and audio. Skillful use of sound and video is necessary to raise the professionalism of your programs and increase your fans. With a MiNiSTUDIO Personal, you can both achieve sound with high clarity and use special sound effects. The trigger buttons can be used to play clapping and cheering like on a TV program, and the voice effects can also be used to entertain the audience.

Leave your room and broadcast from somewhere else.  When you need material for your next program, hang the MiNiSTUDIO around your neck and head to the world outside. Sit on a bench, open your computer and connect to the Internet. Just connect the MiNiSTUDIO by USB and you are ready. Since iPhone connection is also supported, you can put together a mobile broadcasting system that is even more compact.

Have an effect

Designed to bring an extra dimension to your podcasts and live streaming, the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO features three assignable PON sound effect buttons. Use the included bell, buzzer and applause effects or apply your own .wav or .mp3 files for a completely customized experience. You can also set each velocity sensitive PON button to act as a one-shot sound effect, to only play while you press or to loop as long as you hold the button down. Why should the morning DJ's have all the fun?

Find your voice

Diguise your voice, fool your fans! Perhaps the most extreme feature of the MiNiSTUDIO Personal is the Voice Effects option. Simply pressing this innocent little button will instantly transform your voice in any one of a number of amazing and amusing ways. Pitch your voice up into cartoon mouse territory or pitch it down like you've joined the Dark Side. Add a spacey Echo, wobbly Chopper or go old school with the Walki-talkie-approved Radio effect. Voice Effects: crazy, wacky and a whole lot of fun

Become an Expert

In addition to the default Easy mode of the TASCAM MiNiSTUDIO software panel is an Expert mode that can be accessed by selecting the tab along the top of the window. This exposes a more comprehensive set of controls that enable you to fine tune EQ, compression and reverb settings as well as customize the behavior of the PON sound effect buttons and the various Voice Effect options. Don't be fooled by the friendly face of the MiNiSTUDIO - underneath the shiny exterior lies a truly professional tool that proudly carries the TASCAM name.

Your audience hears what you hear

You talk. You play music. You play games. You fire off PON sound effects and bathe your voice in the mysterious fog of a reverberant hallway. In short, you create an immersive soundscape that you want to share with your listeners. To make this dream a reality, the MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 supports TASCAM's unique Broadcast architecture that seamlessley mixes your voice and effects with any and all audio produced by your PC or Laptop.

Features at a glance

Audio interface functions

  • Support for high-resolution recording formats up to 96kHz/24-bit
  • Supports Windows (ASIO/WDM) and Mac (Core Audio)
  • USB2.0 computer connection
  • Compliant with USB Audio 2.0
  • Can be connected to an iOS device using an Apple Lightning-USB camera adapter (sold separately).
  • USB bus power operation supported when connected to a computer
  • Operation confirmed with major DAW software, including Sonar, ProTools, Cubase, Live, Studio One and GarageBand
  • Operation confirmed with major streaming and calling software

Hardware functions

  • XLR/TRS input jacks support balanced input and can provide +48V phantom power
  • Mini jack mic input (MIC 1)
  • Supports connection of 4-pole earphone with mic
  • Stereo mini jack AUX input that can be used to connect portable audio players and game devices
  • Support for direct guitar input
  • Support for low-level dynamic mic input signals
  • DSP effects (equalizer, compressor and reverb)
  • Input monitoring function allows input sounds to always be heard before they are transmitted
  • 3 PON trigger pads that are self-lighting and velocity-sensitive
  • REVERB knob that can be used to adjust the amount of reverb
  • Voice effect on/off button
  • ON AIR button that starts transmission to the computer
  • Stereo mini jack headphone output
  • 1/4” headphone output

Software functions

  • Dedicated software has EASY and EXPERT tabs
  • Audio files can be assigned to PON trigger pads by dragging and dropping
  • Velocity can be turned on/off for PON trigger pads
  • PON trigger pad volume adjustment
  • PON trigger pad repeat ON/OFF
  • PON trigger pad fade in/out setting
  • PON trigger pad start time setting
  • 4 sound presets with equalizer and compressor settings
  • 5 voice effect presets
  • Voice effect parameter adjustment
  • 5 reverb presets
  • Reverb type and parameter setting (HALL/ROOM/LIVE/STUDIO/PLATE)
  • Buffer size setting (64/128/256/512/1024) function (Windows only)
  • Transmitted signal MONO/STEREO switching
  • ASIO ON/OFF switch that allows mic audio to be transmitted after effect processing (Windows only)
  • PC Audio Out (PC output sound) and Master Out (audio transmitted to PC) volume adjustmen

Other features

  • Lightweight design convenient for mobile use
  • 2 strap attachment points allow commercially-available camera straps to be attached
  • Product compliant with RoHS

* Restrictions when connecting iOS devices

  • PON trigger pads do not function.
  • Effect type settings cannot be changed.
  • External power supply is necessary.
  • This unit will not provide power to the iOS device.
  • You will need an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (sold separately) for connection.

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