Remo Skyndeep Doumbek

Darbuka Derisi / 9 inç


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9 inç

85,51 TL (22,00  $)
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Remo Skyndeep Doumbek - Darbuka Derisi

The NEW Remo Skyndeep doumbek head with slim metal ring to fit your Middle Eastern drum!
Developed with the advice of Issam Houshan, Remo has developed this new version of their popular Skyndeep doumbek head, designed specifically to better fit the Middle Eastern doumbek. Doumbek heads size requirements vary; please measure your doumbek head's inner diameter carefully.

Below are the measurements of this particular Remo Skyndeep doumbek head model (DA-3390-SD-001), followed by helpful videos on how to properly measure your doumbek for the correct sized head, and how to gently heat a synthetic head so that it will stretch down:
Inner Diameter/Width: 9"
TOTAL Diameter/Width (including metal ring): 9 5/16" (to see if it will fit in your counter hoop channel)
Crown Depth: 3/8" (only the depth of the Remo Skyndeep doumbek head, not including the ring