Vox amPhones Bass

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Take this Vox amp literally anywhere your guitar goes! When you plug the amPhone Bass active headphones into your bass's output jack, you're getting more than just a handy practice tool; you're getting that bass magic right in your headphones! That's right; you can dial in that classic overdriven British sound anywhere, and you won't believe how good the amPhone Bass sounds. You can even plug in your favorite music player and jam along. Put true Lead tones straight into your headphones! The Vox amPhone Lead active headphones sound absolutely amazing, and it fits easily into your guitar case or gig bag.

Vox amPhone Bass Active Headphones at a Glance:

  • Big Vox tone in a compact unit
  • Analog circuitry, tube tone
  • Headphones for any occasion

Big Vox tone in a compact unit
Get authentic bass amp sounds with the Vox amPhone Bass active headphones. From warm lows to overdriven tones, the amPhone offers classic Bass tones. This coveted sound is used by many famous players from all genres of music. You won't believe your ears when you plug into the Vox amPhone Bass active headphones!

Analog circuitry, tube tone
amPhone simulates the circuitry of a vacuum tube amp completely in analog. The result is superior headphone amp tone for players who are particular about their sound. Vox was sure to take great care with amPhone's gain circuitry. The "Bass" amPhone gives you full-range tone and a built-in compressor/boost effect plus a FET buffer circuit.

Headphones for any occasion
The Vox amPhone Bass active headphones can be used as regular headphones when not hooked up to your instrument. Made by Audio-Technica, the amPhone delivers premium sound quality and a comfortable fit. Plug them into your computer, mobile device, or MP3 player and use the Vox amPhone as stand-alone headphone.

Vox amPhone Bass Active Headphones Features:

  • Plugs directly into your bass
  • AUX in jack lets you jam along with your CD/MP3 player
  • True analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of the original AC100
  • Includes a compressor/boost effect for rich sound and overdrive
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life with AAA batteries
  • Use as normal headphones for your MP3 player when the preamp is turned off
  • Quick and easy setup
TypeSolid State
Number of Channels1
PowerLess than 1W
Amp ModelingNo
Number of Models1
Number of TubesNo Tubes
Preamp TubesNo Tubes
Power TubesNo Tubes
Inputs1 x 1/8" AUX
OutputsNo Outputs
Footswitch I/ONo
Effects LoopNo
Weight8.11 oz.