Alctron iLink Pro

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Phantom Power
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Alctron iLink Pro - Ses Kartı

The iLink Pro converts your iOS device into portable recording studio. Just connect it via the 3.5mm jack and plug in a mic or guitar to get recording!

It comes with phantom power, as long as a microphone or audio device such as a guitar can be in any place can be recorded songs from inspiration.

As long as iLink Pro audio equipment, you can enjoy music anywhere.

Product Features

  • XLR and TRS inputs
  • 1/8 "headphone output
  • Input level: 21 DBV
  • Maximum input level: - 10 DBV
  • Input resistance rate: 470 K Ω
  • Apple mobile phone, tablet computer, apple iPod touch socket connection
  • Power requirements: 2 AA batteries (when using the microphone input)
  • Power consumption: 0.33 w (5.0 ma fantasy power supply)
  • Energy consumption: it's about 15 hours (5.0 ma phantom power supply)

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