Agean Custom Brilliant Splash

Agean Custom Brilliant Splash 6 inç



252,87 TL (42,18  €)

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"Here at Agean cymbals, we believe that the most discerning drummers demand higher quality cymbals. In a time where it is considered commercially acceptable and economical to forgo the ancient tradition of hand crafted cymbal making and move to a machine made variety, we choose to manufacture our cymbals in the time honoured fashion – 100% hand crafted. So join us in our quest to provide exceptional musicians with exceptional cymbals."

Made from B20, the Custom Brilliant Series is a hand hammered cymbal with a highly polished finish.

Rich, round and warm, this cymbal produces some subtle overtones while still maintaining a sharp attack, making it the perfect all-rounder, whatever style of music you play.

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