Mooer MRV3 Micro Series WoodVerb Acoustic Guitar Reverb

Mooer MRV3 Micro Series WoodVerb Acoustic Guitar Reverb - Akustik Gitar Reverb Pedalı


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Easily Shape Your Tone

The Mooer WoodVerb is equipped with four simple controls that allow you to adjust the effect to suit your style and genre. The controls include Mix, Decay, Tone/Rate/Range and a Mode Switch, they are all simply laid out and are therefore easy to use. The Mode Switch lets you toggle between the reverb effects consisting of Reverb, Mod and Filter; whilst the Decay control is for altering the level at which the effects decay. The Mix knob allows you to control how much the dry and wet signals blend together, and finally, the Tone control is for adjusting the Rate and Range within the different modes.

Choose Between 3 Reverb Modes

Find your ideal reverb sound, with the three different modes for you to select from. The modes include Reverb, Mod and Filter, which deliver a whole range of tonal options for you to experiment with. Reverb Mode simulates classic plate reverb, for creating a small room atmosphere to an expansive space. Mod Mode enhances the reverb with modulation for a progressive rock and psychedelic effect, whilst the Filter Mode adds a sweeping filter to the effect for a whirling and swirling sound.


  • Effect: Reverb
  • Controls: Mode, Mix, Tone/Rate/Range, Decay
  • Input: 1/4" Monaural Jack
  • Input Impedance: 470k Ohms
  • Output: 1/4" Monaural Jack
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • Power: AC Adapter 9V DC (Recommend Mooer Micro Power)
  • Current Draw: 130 mA
  • Dimensions: 93.5 x 42 x 52 mm
  • Weight: 145g

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