Al Cass Fast 341 Valve Oil

Al Cass Fast 341 Valve Oil Piston ve Slide Yağı


100,07 TL (10,80 $)

%5 kampanyalı fiyatı
95,07 TL

92,22 TL nakit fiyatı

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  • Özel Stoğumuzda 2 Adet Mevcuttur
  • 2 adede kadar sipariş vermeniz durumunda, 8 saat 59 dakika içerisinde kargoya verilecektir.
  • Daha fazla adetli sipariş vermeniz durumunda, 26 Ekim Salı günü kargoya verilecektir.

Al Cass Fast 341 Valve Oil - Piston ve Slide Yağı

This good quality valve oil will protect your brass instrument against wear, eliminate leakage and allow for moisture to work for you and not against you. This valve oil can make your instrument feel like new each time you use it, and is available at a price that makes it accessible for all levels of brass player. Completely odourless, it is not affected by cold weather conditions, and offers a combination lubricant that works with valves, slides and keys.


  • 2-oz. valve oil bottle
  • Combination valve, slide, and key lubricant
  • Odourless oil that does not separate in cold weather conditions
  • Suitable for all brass instruments
  • Helps ensure long lasting protection to your instrument

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