Aquila Zaffiro 137C

Aquila Zaffiro 137C Takım Tel - Klasik Gitar Teli

Marka: Marka Sahibi : İtalya Üretim: Üretim Yeri : İtalya

68,50 TL (10,30  €)

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61,65 TL

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Plants become sound: in fact, the first three treble strings are made of a very special variety of Nylon that is a 100% plant’s derivate, extruded directly by the machineries in our company. This means there’s a reduction of more than 50% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere during the synthesis of the material. This is our contribution to the environmental issue. The sound of this new type of material is particularly bright and prompt, similarly to Fluorocarbon strings. The power of the sound is remarkable, and so is the easiness and stability of the tuning. Bass strings are made with our traditional silver-plated copper winding over a Supernylgut® multifilament core.

Superior Tension Set

NoteTension (Kg)Gauge (mm)
D7.1.70 ext
A7.9.91 ext
E7.31.12 ext

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