Bach 351-1C Trompet Ağızlığı


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Bach 351-1C - Trompet Ağızlığı

Genuine Vincent Bach Mouthpieces Are The Best Available In The World. Bach Mouthpieces Are Designed To Meet Every Conceivable Playing Need And Have For Nearly Three Quarters Of A Century. A Bach Mouthpiece Will Make A Poor Instrument Play Well, A Good Instrument Play Better. Volume And Excellent Intonatoin; Ease Of Response In The High And Low Register; Rich, Uniform Timbre Throughout The Range; Resistance Calculated To Increase The Player'S Endurance - These Characteristics Explain Why The Best Professional Artists Choose Bach.

The 'C' Model Has A Medium Cup, #10 Backbore, And Is Preferred By Many Players Who Alternate Between B-Flat, C And D Trumpets.

  • Cup Depth: Medium
  • Cup Diameter: 17.00Mm
  • Rim Shape: Medium Wide
  • Description: Large Diameter, Medium Cup - Good For All-Around Use.

In Choosing A Special Combinatoin Of Rim, Cup, Throat, And Backbore Designs, Consider The Effects Of Each:


  • Wide: Increases Endurance
  • Narrow: Improves Flexibility And Range
  • Round: Improves Comfort
  • Sharp: Increases Brilliance, Precision Of Attack


  • Large: Increases Volume And Control
  • Small: Relieves Fatigue And Weakness
  • Deep: Darkens Tone, Especially In Low Register
  • Shallow: Brightens Tone, Improves Resonse, Especially In High Register


  • Large: Increases Blowing Freedom, Volume, Tone; Sharpens High Register (Largest Sizes Also Sharpen Low Register.)
  • Small: Increases Resistance, Endurance, Brilliance; Flattens High Register

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