Blackstar FS-14 Footswitch Footswitch

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The Blackstar FS-14 Footswitch provides enhanced control over the Blackstar Venue MkII range of amplifiers. The footswitch has 5 buttons that lets you access all the different voices and the independent volume boost and reverb effect.

Professional Features

The FS-14 comes supplied with a cable to plug directly into your amp, or can be used with a quality shielded guitar cable. Each pedal mode features an LED light for easy on-stage indication, and the unit is housed in a rugged chassis ready to gig with.

Dual Function Voices

Each channel switch is dual function, allowing you to switch between the voices in the selected channel when pressed multiple times. The previously selected voice will be retained when switching between the channels.

Unlock Your Amplifier

The FS-14 is a handy tool for unlocking the full potential of your amplifier, turning it into a powerful live performance tool with remote control of all functions


  • Compatible with Blackstar HT Venue MkII amplifiers
  • 5 footswitches to control all amp voices and the boost/reverb functions
  • Pressing a channel button on the foot controller once will select the relevant channel. Pressing the currently selected channel will toggle its voice
  • Low-profile rugged chassis
  • Cable supplied


  • Type: Guitar Amp Footswitch
  • Switches: Clean, OD-1, OD-2, Boost, Reverb
  • Indicators: LED light for each switch
  • Compatibility: HT Venue MkII amplifiers
  • Cable: Cable included - alternative option is to use a shielded guitar cable

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