Dtar Sadducer Undersaddle Pickup for Steel-String Guitars Eşik Altı Akustik Gitar Manyetiği

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Dtar Sadducer Undersaddle Pickup for Steel-String Guitars - Eşik Altı Akustik Gitar Manyetiği

The D-TAR Sadducer Under-Saddle Transducer for Steel String acoustic guitar uses 6 discrete piezo crystals, one for each string. Discrete piezo crystals have better string-to-string balance and offer increased responsiveness to your guitar top's vibrations for great tone. The result is a high-output pickup designed for even frequency response. High output response eliminates the need for expensive on-board signal boosting electronics.

The D-TAR Sadducer is exceptional for melody players, especially guitarists who play over the entire fingerboard. But perhaps the biggest benefit is that, unlike other piezo pickups, the Sadducer has lower output impedance and does not require a built-in or off-board preamp to boost and smooth the guitar's signal. That means no batteries required.

The steel string version is optimized for guitars with string spacing of 2.04" to 2.30 (51.8 to 58.4mm) at the bridge. The Sadducer's thin height and width permits optimal saddle placement in the bridge slot—generally without the need to modify it. The S-Tar steel string Sadducer pickup accommodates both 1/8" and 3/32" saddles.

D-TAR - Duncan/Turner Acoustic Research
Seymour Duncan and Rick Turner are two legends who spent years working with musicians, perfecting their tone. Seymour founded his self-named company in 1978 which has become well-known for its wide variety of guitar and bass pickups used by just about every name player from Billie Joe Armstrong to Angus Young. Rick co-founded Alembic, was president of Gibson Labs West Coast R&D Division, co-founded Highlander Musical Audio making piezo acoustic guitar pickups for Lindsay Buckingham, Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and Andy Summers, and runs his own Renaissance Guitars. Now Seymour and Rick are working together to create innovative products for acoustic musicians. Their D-TAR motto: "With respect to acoustic tone."

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