Medeli MC49 Keyboard - 49 Tuş Org

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780,30 TL (135  $)

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Tuş Hassasiyeti
: Touch-Sensitive
Tuş Sayısı
: 49

Medeli MC49 Keyboard - Org

The Medeli MC49 is the first model in line with fullsize keys for entry level pricing. Kids and adults both will appreciate this instrument as a starterkeyboard.

The Medeli MC49 gives you 30 auto accompanients and 5 assignable drumpads for extra rhythm practice. A special sustain effectis used for spcific sounds like organ or piano.

A One Touch System chooses the best combination between styles and sounds so you will never have to search for the best sound!


  • Keyboard: 49 full-size keys
  • Sounds: 49 voices + 1 percussion set
  • Polyphony: 8-note (maximum)
  • Rhythms: 30 accompaniments, 5 drum pads
  • Rhythm controls: Start/Stop, Tempo, Fill in
  • Songs: 50 Demo songs
  • Sequencer: Record and playback
  • Overall controls: Sustain effect, Transpose
  • Presets: One Touch Setting
  • Learning: Melody for right hand
  • Connections: Adapter 9 Volts, Head phones, MIDI out
  • Dimensions: 795mm (w) x 315mm (d) x 120mm (h)

* adaptör ve kılıf dahildir...

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