Nyman Swedish Double Bass Rosin for Bowing

Nyman Swedish Double Bass Rosin for Bowing Kontrbas Reçinesi

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Kullanım Alanı
: Keman
Kullanım Alanı
: Viyola

  • Nyman's consistency is medium hard/hard rosin used by orchestra pros.
  • It's color is dark brown.
  • Made in Sweden by the Nyman Hart Family for many generations. It is almost indistinguishable from Carlsson's Swedish Bass Rosin.
  • Season for use is All Weather in most climates. Because Nyman's bass rosin is a Hard Rosin Formula, we sometimes rosin our new bass bows with Nyman's first, then layer over the top with softer rosin like Pop's. This harder bass rosin under softer rosin combo gives brand new bow hair noticeably better grip much quicker. Later, The Nyman's will absorb much of the extra moisture in the Pop's so the whole mess dries more quickly, a real plus in our Bow Trial Room, where quick refurbishing of bows is crucial to accurate, effective testing.
  • Other names for this double bass rosin are Nyman arco bowing rosin, Nyman bass bow rosin, Nyman orchestra bass rosin, Nyman Hart rosin for bass bowing, Nyman's, kolophonium (in German), or colophonium (in France.)
  • Nyman's package is a metal foil-wrapped cylindrical cake stored in a plastic flip top storage container.
  • Endorsed by orchestra professionals worldwide.

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