Promark R5AAG Rebound 5A Active Grip Acorn - Baget

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The Promark Rebound 5A Drum Sticks have a thick 5A diameter - still versatile like other 5As, but with a little more mass for the dynamic edge you might need in louder music. Born from a slat of hickory, they're strong enough to last you through lots of rim shots.

The acorn tips on the ends of these sticks give you a wider "sweet spot" than a teardrop shape, creating more articulation and responsiveness.

The balance point has been purposefully moved to the back of the stick, making it feel like the sticks are doing all the work for you. Back-weighted because of the long 3" taper, these sticks bounce off of heads and cymbals much more easily than front-weighted versions.

A thin coating of ActiveGrip becomes tackier as your hands sweat from exercise and stage lights, keeping your sticks from slipping out in the middle of a performance. It won't tear up your hands, and it doesn't add any noticeable weight or thickness. It won't get on your cymbals or rims, either.

Specs :

  • Name     Promark Rebound 5A ActiveGrip Drum Sticks with Acorn Tips
  • Brand     Promark
  • Model #     R5AAG
  • Sold By     per pair
  • Series    American Hickory Select Balance
  • Material    Hickory
  • Diameter    0.565"
  • Length    16"
  • Bead    Wood

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