sE Isolation Pack Shock Mount & Pop Filter


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Kolay çıkarılabilir shock mount ve ayarlanabilir metal pop filter. sE firmasının X1 serisi, 2200a II serisi ve muadil markaların mikrofon performansını artırmak için ideal bir settir. Shock mount’dan mikrofonu çıkartmak çok kolaydır.


Get a full set of must-have accessories for your sE Electronics microphone with the sE Isolation Pack. The Isolation Pack includes one of sE's upgraded shock mounts, which perfectly fits your sE X1, sE2200a II, or sE Magneto condenser microphones. Something the seasoned engineers here at Sweetwater particularly love about this shock mount is the handy quick release, which lets you swap out your mics in a hurry. On top of that, the sE Isolation Pack includes an integrated pop shield that packs heroic plosive-blocking power, and it's fully adjustable to match any compatible microphone.

sE Isolation Pack Combination Shock Mount and Pop Screen Features:

  • Essential isolation tools for your Magneto series, sE X1 series, or sE2200a II microphones
  • Includes both a shock mount and an integrated pop shield
  • Shock mount features a quick release mechanism for secure placement and fast mic changes
  • All-metal pop screen is extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Pop screen is fully adjustable to accommodate any compatible microphone

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