Artisan Türk Aura Series Ride

Artisan Türk Aura Series Ride 22 inch Ride

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Zil Avantaj 1

Zil Avantaj 1

Sabian SSSC1 Safe and Sound Cymbal Cleaner

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205,87 TL 143,71 TL
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: 22 inch
: 22 inch

Dark-gray Aura series is there to deliver you sweet and soft sounds of 1960 s. They are true candidates of idyllic times of glorious past. This series has been designed, in a way, to occupy a space between our classic Jazz Core and Control series, to offer a delicate dark jazz tones with definite stick sound and control, and also that would go beyond it as far as fusion.

Aura series, though in apperance looks very much like our Black Magic series, actually there is a small difference in their making such that the latter takes extra heating process and hammering while the first incorporates some chemical treatment to achieve a soundwise differentiation, which is one important pillar of our cymbal making philosophy within the framework of traditional craftsmanship. Come and play this spectacular and enchanting goodies to feast on vintage sound.

Characteristic Features             

Appearance: Dark-gray patina with low profile bow

Available Weight Range:
  HiHats: Regular
  Crashes: Regular
  Rides: Regular

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