Artisan Türk F-Halo Series Crash 18 inch Crash

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Zil Avantaj 1

Zil Avantaj 1

Sabian SSSC1 Safe and Sound Cymbal Cleaner

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: 18 inch
: 18 inch

Included in Fantasy line, in Halo series, stripes almost swaps positions with regard to our Ancient series: on a fully lathed surface which got a tender acid-wash, and 2’’away from the edges, there approximately 1.5’’ playable area is polished to complement a ‘Halo’ like lunar effect. In addition to achieving this spectacular apperance, in a manner of fine tuning, acid-wash treatment contributes also much to the elimination of excessive surface waves and overtones,resulting in a clean and dry tones, with more definite stick sound.

The Rides of the series are characterized by an earthy dark and complex sound , while the bells on them, due to partial polish, offers a bit brighter and more pingy tones with regard to our Ancient series, and Crashes have a quick response, relatively shorter sustains than our bright Traditionals. 'Halo' provides excellent choice for drummers who search within a dynamic sound range from jazz to fusion, a unique mix of qualities like stick control, relative volume and brightness with medium level of sustains.

Characteristic Features

Appearance: fully lathed and acid washed  body,  two polished stripes on body and bell,   with Halo looking effect

 Available Weight Range:

HiHats: Regular

Crashes: Regular

Rides: Regular

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