Artisan Türk Funky Series Blast Crash 16 inch Crash

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Zil Avantaj 1

Zil Avantaj 1

Sabian SSSC1 Safe and Sound Cymbal Cleaner

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: 16 inch
: 16 inch

Warmth, stick definition and agressiveness charecterizes the general quality of the sound in our Funky series. Each cymbal in the series is to add more richness to signature funky sound: our rideable Harsh Crash, with its crater-like deep hammered pockets produces a dirty but warm tone as a mix of china and crash together, while flangy-edged high profile Funk Thang has a raspy sound with a controllable under wash. Hihat of this series offers a fat and crispy sound. Rides, with their cutting bell, are defined by their moderate level of brightness and warmth and with a balanced stick-to-wash ratio they are perfect for grooves playing. Blast Crashes are quick and short to complement sound match-up the series.

Characteristic Features

Appearance: Fully lathed Top, with partial lathe on the bottom using both wide and fine groove ridges

Available Weight Range:

HiHats: Regular

Crashes: Regular

Rides: Regular

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