Graphtech LC-9210-10 NUBONE Classical Saddle Tall - Klasik Gitar Alt Eşik


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21,16 TL

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7 adede kadar sipariş vermeniz durumunda, en geç 23 Temmuz Salı günü, daha fazla adetli sipariş vermeniz durumunda da, 23 Temmuz Salı günü kargoya verilecektir.

Marka: Marka Sahibi : Kanada
Uyumlu Enstrüman
: Klasik Gitar

The LC-9210-10 is a great option to replace or upgrade the saddle on your classical guitar.  It is fully compensated to help improve the performance of your guitar.

NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech's highly resonant TUSQ material, manufactured to very close tolerances under high heat and pressure. We use specific ratios that contribute to NuBone's hardness, workability, appearance, and most importantly, guitar performance. Odorless when sanded, it is strong, outlasting and outperforming plastic. NuBone is the answer!

  Consistent quality

  Increased harmonic content

  Ivory white in color
  Compensated Saddle

Measure  Length Width 
E to E  
0.394" NA 
inches 3 5/32"
3/32" 13/32" NA
millimeters 80.01mm 2.57mm 10.01mm 

Note: All Graph Tech nuts and saddles are slightly long and wide to ensure extra room to achieve a perfect fit for your guitar. This extra material can easily be removed with fine grit sandpaper.

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