Prodipe MIDI USB Keyboard 25C - MIDI Klavye - 25 Tuş

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Prodipe MIDI USB Keyboard 25C - MIDI Klavye - 25 Tuş

Three free software programs included :

  • The Complete Prodipe VE: make music with all your MIDI software (sequencers, score editors). When you connect your computer to your MIDI keyboard, Prodipe VE becomes a genuine musical instrument, capable of recreating a full orchestra from its component parts in real time and without latency. It’s also a professional expander for live and session work.

  • Piano Passion Lite: learn how to play from our list of 40 major titles (classical, jazz, modern, blues, Bossa, Latin, Baroque, romantic, etc.)

  • Pro Record 64: the multitrack Prodipe Pro Record 64 MIDI sequencer lets you record and/or compose up to 64 MIDI tracks with your keyboard and save your music in audio using our incredible bank of Prodipe VE sounds.

    * USB 25 keys dynamic touch MIDI keyboard and controller
    * 1 sustain pedal connector (switch or continuous type) assignable (*) as 152 MIDI controllers.
    * 1 slider assignable (*) as 148 MIDI controllers
    * 2 wheels (pitch and bend) assignable (*) as 148 MIDI controllers
    * 2 data switches assignable(*) as 160 MIDI controllers
    * 4 dials on 2 groups of functions (R1-R4 and R5-R8) with independant MIDI channels and assignable(*) as 160 MIDI controllers
    * 5 keyboard velocity curve. Ideal to obtain a realistic performance style.
    * Computer USB upload or download, usefull for saving or restoring user settings
    * Numerous other «Home studio» functions (Dual, MTC...)
    * 1 USB connector
    * Power source : USB or external 9V adaptor (optional)
    * 1 MIDI Out connector
    * Compatible with Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX (no driver needed)(*)
    * Keyboard size : 39 x 26 x 8 cm

(*) Assignation of a control element (connector, slider, wheel...) to the parameter of your choice gives you a total control on the MIDI software or MIDI equipment connected to the keyboard.

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