Schaller Hot Stuff Pickup

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1.649,00 TL

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1.649,00 TL
1.401,65 TL


1.649,00 TL
1.401,65 TL


1.649,00 TL
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Kullanıldığı yerler: Gitar, Bağlama, Buzuki, Özel yapım diğer telli müzik aletleri.

Önemli Not: Çift satılır. Görmüş olduğunuz fiyat bir çift yani 2 adeti içindir.

Humbucker with 3 strong ceramic magnets and 2 solid iron blades as pole pieces, hence no "dead spot" in the magnetic pick-up of the strings. Super high output and powerful, midrangy sound. Perfect for ultra heavy sounds with fat distortion. Very consistent pick-up even with extreme bendings. 4-conductor lead for series, parallel and single-coil wiring options. All Schaller pickups are manufactured to the highest quality requirements and the most demanding quality standards: In order to avoid deviations, the number of coil windings are controlled with utmost care. For a constant sound quality and reduced microphonics, all relevant metal parts are made of German silver. All humbuckers have the international standard dimensions, allowing them to fit into all conventional pickup rings. To avoid microphonic problems, all coils are vacuum-potted by means of a unique method. The colour selection includes black, creme and white plus the black/creme zebra combination. To provide the largest possible range of sounds, all humbuckers have 4-conductor leads. This allows the following wiring options: series, parallel, single coil, and out of phase. Schaller humbuckers are easily installed into any guitar where humbuckers were already mounted or planned. The mounting lug on the pickup baseplate has 3 instead of 2 screwholes and is thus universally usable with all common types. Furthermore, the use of the Schaller pickup frame with its 4-point fixation reliably prevents a tilting of the pickup in the frame. Our PickupFinder with all information about musical applications, technical specifications, wiring diagrams and much more can be viewed directly on our homepage.

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