Superlux HD562 All-Purpose Headphones

Superlux HD562 All-Purpose Headphones Siyah Kulaklık


344,66 TL (45,55  $)

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317,10 TL

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344,67 TL (45,55  $)
317,10 TL (41,91  $)


344,67 TL (45,55  $)
317,10 TL (41,91  $)


344,67 TL (45,55  $)
317,10 TL (41,91  $)

Featuring a tailored sound profile with extended frequency response and higher sound pressure level, the HD562 is an all-purpose headphone capable of revealing every detail of the sound. Its light-weight and soft cushioning makes the HD562 comfortable even in a long session. Its excellent isolation also makes the HD562 perform well in high noise environments while a rotatable ear cup allows for single-ear monitoring. People will find the HD562 is the right choice in headphones, perfect for music/entertainment, ENG, live or studio use and also ideal for cameramen and DJs.

  • Comfortable fit due to its light-weight, split headband and soft ear pads
  • Excellent noise isolation achieved by its closed design
  • Swiveling ear cup for single-ear monitoring
  • Detachable cable

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