Thomastik Dominant 135B Synthetic Core

Thomastik Dominant 135B Synthetic Core D 132 - Tek Tel - Keman Teli


111,60 TL (18  €)

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Marka: Marka Sahibi : Avusturya

Takım Tel

324,01 TL (52,26  €)

D 132 - Tek Tel

Yalnızca 1 Adet Vardır

111,60 TL (18,00  €)

E 129

40,92 TL (6,60  €)
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E 130 - Tek Tel

48,36 TL (7,80  €)
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A 131 - Tek Tel

80,60 TL (13,00  €)
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G 133 - Tek Tel

117,80 TL (19,00  €)
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: D 132 - Tek Tel
: 4/4 Keman
Tek Tel
: Re-D
: Medium Tension
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: Tek Tel

Thomastik Dominant 135B Synthetic Core - Keman Teli

Dominant Synthetic Core 4/4 Violin Strings 135 - Aluminum Wound Ball End
135B - Chrome Steel Wound Ball End These strings have a highly flexible nylon core with many threads and they are manufactured for artists who do not like steel strings. The general popularity of the Dominant string is their similarity and relationship with the gut string, without the gut string disadvantages. The sound of the Dominant string is round, soft, clear and rich in overtones, live, full and brilliant, not metallic, and has also the same good tone in bowing and Pizzicato, and also an excellent stability of tuning, under extreme climatic conditions. The beauty of the sound is not unlimited but if the musician changes the strings in time, he has the guarantee of always playing consistently good tone.

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